500 kV D/C for WETT Project, USA

We have over 30 years of experience in executing turn-key projects in the field of extra high voltage ( EHV ) transmission lines . We offer complete solutions that include tower design, tower testing, manufacturing and onsite construction. Prior to installation we conduct exhaustive geological and topographical survey of the tower erection area. We have successfully completed 24568 circuit kms transmission line and also designed and tested towers up to a capacity of 800 kV HVAC or 500 kV HVDC for various utilities , including switchyard layouts, structural control rooms, earth mats, fire fighting, auxiliary power supply, illumination designs and erection key diagrams.  Our core capabilities are:


  • Remote sensing using satellite images
  • Mosaicing of images
  • Digitisation of toposheets
  • Generation of corridor maps & digital terrain models (DTM)
  • Detailed terrain analysis of the alignment corridor 
  • Tools include total stations, Theodolites, GIS equipment


Modern Plants at three locations:

INDIA – Annual Capacity 110,000 MT

DUBAI – Annual Capacity 50,000 MT

USA – Annual Capacity 55,000 MT

  • Facilities are suitable for manufacturing Transmission Line Towers, Microwave Towers, Wind Mill Towers, Railway electrification- structures & substation structures and solar structure.
  • Ability to assess quality conforming to various international standards
  • Complete traceability of materials
  • Seven galvanising baths
  • Microprocessors based control with an accuracy of 1 degree
  • CNC machines for fabrication.


  • Constructed over 29,500 ckts kms, of transmission line of voltages including 800 kV, 400 kV DC and 500kV DC including OPGW stringing.
  • Possess 40 sets of tension stringing equipment for quadruple & twin bundle conductor stringing
  • Capacity to string 4,800 kms of twin/quad/hex bundle conductors per year
  • Successfully executed jobs in difficult terrains like the Himalayan ranges, desert & total water-logged areas
  • Executed river crossing including 1,000 mtrs. Span over river Ganges with 142 mtrs. Tall towers
  • Executed Microwave Tower Construction projects